Who Is T.V. John?

This is the greatest musical miracle of all time!

Known to musicians as "the dream man", John's claim to fame is having recorded over 7,000 songs accappella from his dreams without his knowing how to play a musical instrument. Acclaimed as "the most interesting personality of our time", T.V. John started having songs come to him in dreams after God spoke to him in a dream in 1985. These "dream songs" provide the inspiration for songs performed by The Legendary Band.
The Cinefamily in Hollywood, California recognized T.V. John as a "Youtube singing sensation", and the genius of God graces John's dreams with amusing songs almost every night. These "dream songs" are proof, even if only to T.V. John, that God exists. God's purpose for John is that he share this musical miracle with you. Thus, T.V. John has become the definition of Multi-Media Personality. To know him is to love him, and to see and hear him sing is to fully appreciate the man known as T.V. John. Be sure to see T.V. John and The Legendary Band perform LIVE!