1. UP TO YOU

From the recording MELODIOUS DREAMS

Words © 2019 by T.V. John Langworthy, Eamond Clifford and David M. Craig;
music © 2019 by T.V. John Langworthy


It’s up to you
to choose your own words
your own deeds
your own love

It’s up to you now
And it gets me down
Nothing I can say
can turn this around

It’s up to you
That’s all I can say
I shouldn’t be sad
You don’t want me that way

We can start over
It’s up to you
There’s nothing more
that I can do

Let’s go forward, not backward
It’s up to you
But going nowhere
ain’t my style

If every day were a holiday
play would be hard as work
Let’s come back together
with a kiss

In America
it’s up to you
With love
we can make do

Decisive moments challenge
common sense
to do what’s best
filtering out the rest
Success passes the test


Writer’s block is an obstacle
for thinking outside the box
to improvise stream of consciousness
for a conjectural show off

Your life’s up to you
whatever you want to do
Just include me
and we will see our destiny

I’m ready when you are