From the recording DREAMS REMEMBERED

Words © 2019 by T.V. John Langworthy, George Kochell and Rob Foraker;
music © 2019 by T.V. John Langworthy


Quid pro quo is a lesson
on how to keep it even
I scratch your back
You scratch mine

A favor for a favor
comes in every flavor
It can be good, it can be bad
but something’s gonna be had

Quid pro quo
Go go go
It can be implicit
It can be explicit

All things being equal
This is a sequel
In exchange for fun
let’s have some more fun

Wiggle your toes with sly innuendos
Oblique allusions, hints, insinuations
equivocal reflections
Life is a continuation

There there so near so far
I don’t know, neither do you
Let’s count our blessings
before all this is through

Quid pro quo
Quo pro quid
Pro quid quo
Pro quo quid

When things get us down
we turn it around
by having a good time
most of the time

So do it my way or the answer’s NO
There is just one way to GO.
It’s a phrase we all should KNOW
Quid pro quo


We stay away from scary places
We place value on our words
We take pleasure in the chase
without too much haste

Quid pro quo
Quo pro quid
Pro quid quo
Pro quo quid

Yes, we did
One thing for another
One thing for another