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  1. She Always Lied

Vocals by Austin Litz
Words © 2013 by T.V. John Langworthy; music
© 2013 by T.V. John Langworthy and Austin Litz


I don’t understand why
you always lie
What’s going on
behind them pretty eyes?

It makes
It makes me weep
Why’s she have to prove
beauty’s only skin deep?
And I don’t understand why
she always lies

I work hard for my money
Every man needs him a honey
Live for the truth
Lies are so uncouth

Your concrete skates
ride on thin ice
The icy depths
aren’t very nice

Nowadays, you can travel the world
with just a click of your mouse
Everybody likes to control
but can I trust you in my house?

Just because you ain’t funny
shouldn’t put you in a tizzy
Yeah, I’m busy
I gotta make the money

In a world of spyware
highjackers and key trackers
baby, I don’t need
I don’t need a liar

Loneliness can be the cost
for peace of mind
Better to be alone
than with bad company

As today becomes my past
I have hope
for friends that last

My future’s all the better
to climb all them ladders
To get along’s the best compromise
To fulfill my dreams
is not to live a lie

Our hello
has led to this goodbye
I’m gonna do what’s right
in plain sight

Words © 2013 by T.V. John Langworthy
Music © 2013 by T.V. John Langworthy and Austin Litz