Life is a learning process
with meaning and purpose
Now somebody ought to tell that guy
that Halloween is over

Now that you have outgrown
post-adolescent idealistic phase
There is a new movement
and it’s called self-viding

No, I am not kidding
If you laugh at yourself
you are a comedian

I got this
You got that
It don’t need
no explaining

Live the life you desire
and watch your thoughts attract
what becomes a fact

Fiber optic broadband
is a new effect

When you get
your wake up call
don’t go hitting
the snooze button

A genius is the one
most like himself
Don’t hide it
on a shelf

If we want a better world
we have to be part of it
I know a lot about a little
if you know what I mean

If you are getting
too much of too little
Memories are keepsakes
for tomorrow

No, I am not kidding
We got this
We got that
It’s a new world experiencing

Now what about
the adage
of spiritual enlightenment
being youself

From a dream on 14 November 2013
Words and music © 2013 by T.V. John Langworthy
Recorded on November 19